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First Aid at Work Level 3​

We have over 18 courses covering a range of health & safety, first aid, paediatric first aid, fire safety, food safety, and many more. Below we outline the First Aid at Work Level 3​. 3 day course.

First Aid at Work Level 3 (3 day)

Extending the Emergency First at Work Level 3 to a 3-day work-based complement course to make you first aid certified.​ This course is best suited for high-risk workplaces such as construction industries, building sites, and manufacturing or warehousing buildings. This is course is also key to certifying someone onsite as the lead first aider to monitor and lead those certified in Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3.

This course is designed for workplaces that fall into a higher risk category (e.g. engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, construction, chemicals) and for a workplace with a variety of underlying health conditions (e.g. heart problems, diabetes anaphylaxis, high blood pressure, etc). The FAW also provides comprehensive training for those who are required to be the designated first aider within their workplace.

This one day course is best for workplaces that are classed as low risk. Or those that need emergency first raiders to support the designated the first aider that has attended the 3-day course.

  • How to assess the situation
  • Be able to describe the issues and your needs to others including 999
  • Learn and demonstrate resuscitation for adults
  • Learn and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Talk through your actions in an emergency situation
  • Explain how to manage and treat those with minor and major injuries
  • Know how to explore an injured person for spinal injuries
  • Learn how to recognise and manage an adult choking
  • Learn how to manage and treat those with cuts and bleeding
  • Learn how to manage those in shock
  • Learn how to manage those having a heart attack and stroke
  • Learn how to treat injuries to bones, muscles and joints
  • Learn and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Treat or manage eye injuries

First Aid at Work​ Level 3

£ 225 From
  • Learn the responsibilities of being a first aider
  • Ability to assess situations
  • Additonal training in epilepsy and Diabetes

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