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Level 1 Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health

We have over 18 courses covering a range of health & safety, first aid, paediatric first aid, fire safety, food safety, and many more. Below we outline the Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health, Level 1 Award

Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health, Level 1 Award

One in four people within the UK will suffer from a mental health problem at some point in their life. While mental health conditions are common, most are mild and only cause short term issues which are successfully treated and typically overcome with support from counselling or medication via a GP. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems which are often caused by a reaction to a difficult life event such as bereavement. But as an employer, it’s important to note that mental health can be caused by work-related issues, often hidden from you by the employee.

Whatever the reason might be, as an employer you have a duty to treat mental health with the same importance as any other illness and provide the support that the employee might need. It’s your legal responsibility to help.

Our level 1 award in awareness of first aid for mental health breaks down the work-related stress or mental health problem that your employee might be suffering with, how to spot the signs and the best approach to support them.

  • What is first aid for mental health
  • What can cause mental health symptoms
  • Understanding the stigma
  • How to identify mental health issue within the work environment
  • The role of a mental health first aider
  • Starting a conversation
  • Recognise and manage workplace stress
  • Developing a long term plan

What is first aid for mental health

£ 80 From
  • Ability to spot mental health issues
  • Knowledge of stress and anxiety​
  • How to deal with mental health in the workplace

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