Emergency First Aid

First Aid at Work Course – why?

Okay, so you see the title First Aid at Work course and think, well I don’t need first aid at work course because we have a qualified first aider.  Why would I need that?


Imagine this scenario:

Sam successfully completes a ‘first aid at work’ course on Monday.

2 months later, Sam is walking down the street and sees a person further ahead collapse onto the floor.   Worried onlookers are uncertain of what to do.  Sam, using knowledge learnt a couple of months previously instinctively runs towards the situation.  Rather than panic, the adrenalin kicks in and Sam goes through the motions of CPR, after asking for someone to call an ambulance.  The ambulance arrives, the paramedics take over.  Sam has given the patient a higher chance of surviving by having first aid knowledge.


Scenario 2:

Sam a year later is sitting at home with the children.  Suddenly there is a scream from upstairs, Sam runs to the children’s room to find one of the children choking on a sweet. All the training from the year before kicks in and Sam quickly gives first aid and the sweet is coughed up.

Although this was traumatic, the first aid knowledge probably saved the child’s life.


If you want to learn first aid for work or just for your own personal interest, why not consider taken this course.  First Aid is such a valuable skill to have.  You hope you never have to use it but if you do, you will know that your skills could have possibly helped save a life!


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