Introducing New paediatric blended course !

Introducing our blended paediatric first aid course!

Do you work with young children?

Now you can do hybrid learning with us at one-stop safety training solutions!
We have been asked so many times about this style of course, No we can provide it 😀 6 hours face to face then 6 hours online!

This level 3 training comprises an online e-learning course and classroom session.  Both must be completed before a certificate will be issued.

The classroom part of the Level 3 Paediatric First Aid course lasts for a minimum of 6 hours (excluding breaks) and will cover the following areas:

assessing an emergency and prioritise what action to take,

help a baby/child who is

unresponsive and breathing normally,

unresponsive and not breathing normally,

having a seizure,



suffering from shock caused by severe blood loss (hypovolemic shock).

The full blended Paediatric First Aid course should last for a minimum of 12 hours (excluding breaks) and will cover the areas set out above as well as the following areas:

discuss the role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider (including appropriate contents of a first aid box and the need for recording accidents and incidents),
to help a baby/child:

who is suffering from anaphylactic shock,

who has had an electric shock,

who has burns or scalds,

who has a suspected fracture,

with head, neck or back injuries,

who is suspected of being poisoned,

with a foreign body in the eyes, ears or nose,

with an eye injury,

with a bite or sting,

who is suffering from the effects of extreme heat or cold,

having: a diabetic emergency; an asthma attack; an allergic reaction; meningitis; and/or febrile convulsions.

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