What It’s like to be a small business in 2022

99% of businesses are Small or Medium Sized businesses

One stop safety training solution is a small business based in Castleford. We specialise in first aid training, driver cpc, food safety, fire safety, mental health awareness and much more.

Some of the best parts of been a small business is, the close customer relationship you can build. We have loyal and satisfied customers where they help us, and we help them. There are many advantages to be a small business. Just like how you become closer to you clients, you are closer to majority of employees too, therefore everyone can work together.

More advantages are independence, Lifestyle. Owning a small business gives you certain lifestyle advantages, learning opportunities, local and loyal clients and Creative freedom and personal satisfaction. As rewarding as this is, there are some challenges we face as a small business too (I’m sure some of you will relate). Financial risk and having a good cash flow, stress of managing everything, undesirable jobs, uncontrollable factors that may have impact on your business this can lead to lack of motivation.

Owning a business also means going through more uncertainty than when you’re in full-time employment. You’re not guaranteed to find new gigs or to have your products accepted by your target market, which can lead to financial problems. Of course, even if you’re employed, you never have one hundred per cent job security either, since things can change at any moment. So, if your dream is to build and grow your own venture, don’t let this hold you back from achieving all your goals, if you put the work in you will always be in the place you need to be at that current time.

A large business enjoys brand recognition wherever it goes. Think of giants like Coca-Cola and Apple, which are known nearly everywhere in the world. A small company won’t have the brand recognition it requires to easily gain more customers small businesses suffer from less visibility, and this poses a serious challenge for them when it comes to attracting new traffic and expanding their operations. Budgets can be small for us, especially when it comes to advertising, this is and important part of getting new clients but can be expensive.

Meeting other small business and sharing ideas and connections is so useful, you can do this by meetings, networking, social media and collaborating. We have found networking useful. Always fun and interactive, meeting other businesses. So helpful, you always see everyone helping each other get work.

With most businesses in the UK been a small/medium sized business it’s important to have each other’s back, as that will be a huge chunk of the working population. With 2022 been some people’s toughest one yet with the increase of the cost of living helping each other strive is key.

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