Fork Truck Training

Did you know that 25% of all workplace transport injuries are a direct result of forklift truck accidents!

The importance of Forklift truck training. 70% of all forklift training incidents could have been prevented with the correct training. In the long run it could cost you a hell of a lot more to pay the price of the compensation of the incident than the initial training.

Real life & Serious injuries that could happen to you!

 Company fined £54,270 after a worker was left with life-changing injuries, A local incident, an employee of a scaffolding company was operating a vehicle when it overturned. An investigation found the company failed to provide the employee with the necessary training needed, now the employee lives with severe mobility issues and chronic pain. Not training your employees effectively can severely damage your business and the lives of your employees.

In most forklift truck accidents, you will suffer significant and life-threatening injuries. New employee, a few weeks into his new job, crushed a man between a forklift truck and gate. The driver has now been issued a punishment of 120 hours unpaid work and £1500. This was issued as the fault of the worker himself, so he was directly fined.

 Did you know that there is more likely to be a fatality using forklift trucks than a fatality in a mine?

Forklift truck training is mandatory. It helps reduce injuries, careless manoeuvres, and death.

In the long term it will save you or your business money. It’s a legal requirement. It sets the minimum standard of basic training that people should receive before they are allowed to operate certain lift trucks. There can be huge consequences of large fines and loss of job. This can happen even if there are no physical injuries to a person.

Fork Truck Training

Importance of Fork lift Training in a Commercial Environment!

Did you know that the most common fork-lift truck causes of accidents in the workplace is lack of adequate training and supervision, speeding and having pedestrians in the same area as working forklift trucks. These accidents, due to the size and weight of a fork-lift can be life changing, if not fatel!

According to HSE, a quarter of all traffic accidents in the workplace involves fork-lift trucks! As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your operators have been trained to the required standards. This even applies to those who may only occasionally operate a fork-lift.

There is more to fork-lift training than learning to operate a machine. Training also involves appreciating how dangerous a fork-lift can be if not properly maintained. If machines are not maintained and safety checks not followed, there is a high risk of injury or death!

So if you are still thinking whether you really need to send your employers on a training course, just consider these:

February 2020: An international beer delivering company fined £825.000 due to a worker scarred for life having been run over by a fork-lift truck.

November 2018. A Leeds based scaffolding company were fined just over £54,000 with £8000 costs after an employee’s forklift truck overturned and trapped him underneath. He suffered life changing internal injuries.

These injuries are devastating for the individual and their families. To highlight the danger, on 9th June 2020 this year there was a virtual national forklift safety day, (, with the emphasis this year on safety of pedestrians.
Their key campaign message was


For further information on their campaign, please go to

I hope by the time you have finished reading this blog, you appreciate the importance of quality and necessary training.

Finally, before I finish I will just leave you with the HSE’s code of conduct on training:
As an employer, you are obliged to provide basic training for fork-lift operators
Employers should not allow anyone to operate, even occasionally, a fork-lift without having satisfactory training.